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Michelle Onorato, M.D. * R. Patrick Rudy, M.D.



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 January 7, 2022

 Dear Patients and Friends,

 Please be advised that my medical practice will close on February 7, 2022. I will be  retiring and will no longer be able to attend to your medical needs after that time.

 You should choose a new PCP as soon as possible. Since we talked about my  retirement at your last office visit, you may already have done so. If you are having  difficulty finding a new physician, I suggest contacting the Harris County Medical  Society for assistance.

 If you need medical records, please contact Charlie, our custodian of records at (281)  338-4004. She will assist you in obtaining copies of your medical records.

 It has been a pleasure serving your medical needs over the years. I wish you  prosperity, happiness and the best of health in the future.


 R.P. Rudy M.D.

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